Restaurant Furniture When you are planning to open a restaurant you have to be more conscious in selecting the restaurant furniture because they decide the ambience of the place. The furniture must be both durable and eye catching. Itís important that you spend your money on the quality furniture. The mode of seating is different for different styles you must keep in mind that it must provide comfortable seating for the customers and must be affordable for your budget. The best method is to decide for the theme of the restaurant and purchase the furniture based on the theme. There are many types of the restaurant chairs like Aluminum chairs which are easy to fold and easy to move from one place to another. They are especially used for the outdoor or in the open air restaurants. The Arm chairs are designed with an arm rest position that is mostly used in the night clubs and bars. The bar stools are used in the bars and they are not of much use in the restaurants. The Chaise Lounge provides a luxurious atmosphere designed with short legs and they are used in the lounge and bar. The high chairs are used for the babies to sit and eat. These type of chairs are useful for the family restaurants. Swivel chairs can be used in the cramped space. The Deck chairs are weather resistant and portable so you can use them in the beach restaurants or for the lawn. The rattan is used in the seashore restaurants.